Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Rabble: My Big Sister's Sticker Collection

I have always loved stickers. Big ones, small ones, and ones of all sorts of finishes, there is no discrimination here! I had a very shabby looking sticker collection, and still do - up to this date. It's filled with... Well, I'll just leave this for another post. But my favourite stickers have always been the ones from my Big Sister's sticker collection. 

When I was younger, around the age of 6, my sister would often come home with new sheets of Sandylion stickers to add to her sticker collection box. She would buy these from her workplace, when she was working at the Video 99 store down the block. She would keep all of her stickers in a beautiful light teal watercolour pattern tin box, with a lovely watercolour painting on the lid to match. This tin box was always a treat to sight in my sister's room, which was only on rare occasions as she would often shoo my second sister and I away every time we were to peep into her room whenever she had it out.

(Note: Sandylion Stickers would come in the sheet which includes three squares of stickers. This obviously isn't as popular now. Best stickers ever!!!)

We moved into my Grandmother's home a few years later when I was 9. It was a full house and there was not much space, so it wasn't long before I was able to identify where my Big Sis hid the miraculous teal tin box. 
Whenever I was assured that my sister wasn't going to be home for a while, I would often sneak into the basement in hunt for the teal box. I was always surprised to see it in the same spot each time, right beneath her desk, neatly tucked to the right of her Cosmopolitian magazine stash. I would sit on the cold tiles of her bedroom floor and unveil the familiar cold feeling of the tin box in my hands. I would creak open the tin lid and quietly shuffle through each sheet, makings sure that I stacked each in the correct order, while absolutely admiring the texture, shine and images of each one.

Ten years later, I am back in Canada. After my little brother's 11th birthday celebration, my Big Sis let me choose which ever I pleased from her same sticker collection. Oh boy was I excited to see this tin box again. Looking at the picture time stamps - I took well over an hour looking through each stack. 

The many different finishes...
 Ones with silver sparkles, transparent kind of reflectants, furry ones! and hexagon-ish sparkles at every angle.

And my absolute favourite ones of her stash...!!!
 These recovering bear ones, hehe. These Sandylion stickers reflected like no other. My sister received a square of stickers from the doctor each time she got a needle. We had the coolest doctor ever. He had a whole drawer of Sandylion stickers we could choose from! But my second sister and I only ever received candy.When I was younger, my sister let me have the bandaid one of one of her sheets. That's clearly long gone now.

 Other cutie ones...!

 I love the colours of these ones too - look at the turtle! So cute.

 And, dogs, dogs, dogs!!! And a close up! The middle sheet are fur dogs ☺.

Other cute sights in my Big Sister's sticker collection...
 This was one of my favourite stickers. I loved how cutesy this saying was. And look at this De Grassi coloured Merry Xmas themed stickers - hehe, a pink giraffe and a blue dog!!!

The sight of my desk
So so so many goodies!

And I will eventually show you my... scarce sticker collection, with much not story to it. 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

{Day in a Life...} - Night at The (Royal Ontario) Museum

Oh boy, The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)... My last memories here are faded ones, ten years ago my big sister would take myself and my second sister here every Friday. It was always super fun each time, they would have new activities each week, but with the same displays - it was somehow always amusing each time... And each time, Soph and I would be disgusted by the same rotting Mummy toes :p.

This time, I had an opprotunity to attend a 'Night at ROM' - where for the Fridays of two months ROM would dim the lights and set up music, drinks and food while allowing guests to explore the museum. It's a pretty cool idea! Each Friday there would be a new 'theme' going on! Tickets were $20/Student.

Got my ROM Bucks ready.

One ROM Buck ($6) would buy one dish or drink!
 The bones of a Pterodactyl illin' - Beautiful rock dissected to reveal gorgeous stones 

Dranks with the dinosaurs!
 I was absolutely captivated by each of the displays - the teeniest tiniest of pottery, the number of ginormous one-pieced statues and the vividness of each peace... Oh my gosh. The ROM has such an amazing collection.

But I wasn't thinking of the galleries when I accepted the offer to go to the ROM... I was excited for the food! Oh, it was hidden everywhere. In two areas up stairs and scattered across the main room on the bottom floor. 

I ended up trying:
- Kanto's French Fries topped with Pork Offals, Mayo and Green Onions
I love all sorts of odd stuff, so offals on anything was a definite order for me! And yes, it was great! I threw out the other half away though because I was being carb-cautious (Regret. 2AM and I am craving it!)
- Little Tomato's Maple and Mustard Glaze Peameal Burgers
Served with a soft boiled Quail Egg and Argrula - my big sis could not stop raving about this when she visited ROM weeks before... I did not like it at all. Bleeeh (Kiddy Alice's reaction :D).
- Hot Bunzz' Tuna Bun
I ended up taking this home for my big Sis. I was way too full. They served up two Tuna Buns for me, and I had the second the next morning, it was soooo good! They had three options - Elk, Tuna and Pulled Pork I believe. The Pork sold out quick, with the Elk selling out next and the Tuna last. It was like a Chinese BBQ Bun - Soft on the out and inside, with savoury, untraditional filling on the inside. Had a weird after taste to it, but I want more!

I also had a bottomless cup of Cranberry juice - I was so excited. But (Minute Maid) Cranberry juice from the can is absolute crap okay! It was nothing like Ocean Spray and gave me a sore throat after three sips.

Annnnd, the only shot of a dish I took in the night.
 Kanto's French Fries topped with Pork Offals, Mayo and Green Onions ($6.00)

And a few more displays coming up... Incredible - no words, just look, okay.
(the second image, bottom left corner - those were my favourite pieces of the night! 'Gruesome Statures')


Even the ceiling was incredible - The gates that reminded me of Cabramatta, but no, I wasn't in Cabra...

I would spam more pictures, but I really don't want my posts to be too picture heavy! Just uploading the highlights of my light, but the other shots I took are available for viewing (here).

Overall, it was great! I would love to go again next year, and be wowed once again - hopefully with the Hot Bunzz stand also catering next time around ☺.

June 2013: Towel Hooks as Banana Hangers, Cheesy Temples & Kitten Tissue Mascots

I am getting a headache from backtracking - I should get these months over with!
Only one more to catch up on ☺.

A (boring) visit to Distillery, but I did manage to get a few cute shots.

  1. The disappointing look on the kids face as he was reaching the peak of the bridge, to see that there was no way to get to the otherside
  2. Faux taxidermy beaver, racoon and rabbit in a children's clothing shop
  3. Sad fat small buddha

  4. Canadians chillin on the grass outside, yet again
  5. Blue Jays Way (lol, Canada)
  6. Bipolar weather all day every day
  7. This friendly littering sign
  8. Andddd, still being a tourist taking a picture of the Rogers Centre and CN Tower each time I pass 
  9.  Walking into Chapters to see letter blocks stacked in fate
  10. Walmart... Canada's Kmart - it's ugly af. I miss Kmart!
  11. Canadian Tire is a store that sells, kinda everything - for every $5 you spend, you get a 5c Canadian Tire note back. lol
  12. A Thomas Sabo charm from Mumma Phan
  13. A stack of Swarovski goods for sale on Kijiji
  14. A cutie Fathers Day gift my seven year old cousin made for his Papa (they celebrate Father's Day in June!)
  15. My sister's Hello Kitty Checkers.....

    The Stop's Night Market time! @ Honest Ed's Alleyway
  16.  The line already extending around the block. All you can chow and drink at $50 - all the local restaurants and for a good cause!
  17. Meatball sauce love hearts on ma plate
  18. Receiving my first telegram
  19. Korean Fried Chicken @ 416 Snackbar aw, yis.

  20. Humid, pouring, not in the mood for anything - of course I had to be splashed at the first intersection I crossed at
  21. First day to my Microeconomic class - why is it so far?
  22.  Grumpy chumps Arsy catching up on Marketing readings at the library
  23. View of King St from my Aunt's balcony
  24.  My aunt using towel hangers on oven handle bars as banana holders
  25. My aunt's toy, the popular Boo (I am the only person in the world who doesn't think he's cute)
  26. My aunt's cutie plant
  27. My aunt has still kept the metallic cylinder gift boxes she used to gift my sister, cousin and I our TY toys (Millenium, in my case! ☺)

    What has Milz been up to!
  28. Milz touchin' my leg
  29. My sister kidnapped my two other toys for a bit because I was getting two distracted playing with them while I was studying - at the end of the day, Millenium was able to be reunited with them ☺
  30. Milz chillin in bed while I am studying
  31. The dangerous unmarked pedestrian crossings of Canada
  32. Ice cream, hot dog and slushie trucks along Queen Street!
  33. How Canadians spend their Thursday nights - at the park, watching a movie
  34.  Slicing up a bit of cheese, which ended up looking like a chinese temple (wat)
  35. These gorgeous smelling reeds 
  36. Leaving my pen unopen next to a piece of tissue was not a good idea
  37. Receiving my Lions Club Certificate in the mails! Oh, and a Kitty card - what cuties!

    Ohhhhhp, and the popular tissues here are mascots of Kittens! Not puppies :p, silly Kleenex.
  38.  And of course, with beautiful prints of the tissue box, I had to make coasters!
  39. Watches my sis and I use to wear five years ago! My big sis still had them ☺

    I've been volunteering at the CAMH office since I got here, it's always pretty fun, and on this particular day, they were having an event for their Gifts of Light program!
  40.  We were in charge of the Popsicle stand, it was such a nice day! We received each a bag of treats and a hot dog.... WITH RELISH! Yum. I also went through the crazed crowd to get three current and one retired Blue Jay'ers signatures on hats they were giving out... and left a lovely picture on my sister's whiteboard ☺.

    Around my sister's cubicle...
  41.  Magnet Babu and of course she has a mug with that saying.
  42.  Torontarians are crazer about their sport teams. It's even on crayons!
  43. How tiny is this cigarette extinguisher!!! How does it work...
  44. I remember these when I was a little fan! Wetting your paintbrush, dabbing the specified colours and painting the paper! Sooo good! I would love this now if I was a kid (or maybe even now...).

  45.  Of course I had to download Archie's first app! But it's not available on Samsung, so I got it on my sister's iPad
  46. Watching Stick n' Around - BEST. SHOW. EVER. This screenshot already makes me giggle
  48. And, here is the start to my food pics! Stir-fried Japanese noodles, celery, bean curd, mushrooms and chili!

  49.  Olive n' Roasted ham Pancakes
  50. Five rows of (imitation Korean) Yakult for $2.30!!!! (from TnT)
  51. Powder Soy Bean in a Mickey Mug!
  52. Berry yogurt, Kashi cereal and a banaaaana!!!!

  53.  Cheetos! (Yah jeals, sis?)
  54. These cuties are definitely cuties
  55. I am the best fish sauce brewer in the world.

  56.  My mumma brought over a bag of Cha Lua she made on that morning! YUM
  57. Dissecting Raspberries.... Interesting...
  58. Shake n' Bake Chicken, Avo & Tomato Salad, Haddock and some artsy Nachos in Guacamole
  59. Wonton n' Egg Noodles

  60.  Lunch time! Taco taco taaaaco
  61. This was AMAZING - Oven baked Brie topped with Caramelised Onions.... Mmmmhm!
  62. Pig head from that one time and Parts & Labour
  63. Fish balls and cucumber on Vermicelli with Fish Sauce!

  64.  Mi Goreng and Fish Balls with Sriracha! - The Mi Gorengs are on steroids in Canada! I swear they are a much bigger once boiled than Australia's ones. In Australia, I would need a Packet and a half to fill me up (and where would that other half go???!!!) Here, one is just enough!
  65. Sushi Take-out from Sushi on Bloor
  66. Gzoya Dumplings! What up
  67. Two types of Spaghettis in Meaty sauce (what is the occasion sis??? My bro and my sis' bf's mate was over)

  68. Oh hellllo Banh Uot! From Pho Linh
  69. Beautiful Chicken Salad of my Mumma's!
  70. Cheesy goodness of ____ (they're not Doritos..... some other brand)
  71. Chowing at Asian Legend! Dumplings, Scallion Pancakes and Rice Cakes!

  72. Our delicious feast of Cheeseburger sliders, Rainbow Roll and Lobster Sammich' at JOEYs YES. BE JEALOUS.
  73. Pizza from Pizza Pizza! 
  74. Yum Cha take out - That Sticky Rice was (sticky and) beautiful.
  75. Peach yogurt with Kashi and Banana!

Back soon with July ☺!

Creation of my Blog Banner ☺ (I)

Months in deciding what my new lifestyle blog should be based on, after so long, it winded up being a simple answer. Me and Millenium. A bunch of ideas flew through my mind of what type of banner to use - something that represented my sudden change of ol' Millenium and I.


Choosing two backgrounds to snip my ideal background from (source: here & here)

More doodling and vectoring...

But together and, yay!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

May 2013: Everything is too damn big, Q-tips and Food

I realised that the longer I delay this for, the more photos I will have to compact into a post - silly Alice. Here is my attempt to cover my sights of the first month and a half.

I've taken over 2400+ images - I'm trying super hard to lessen them - but there's so many things that I need to share!

 My trip to Ikea my first week here! Same ol', same ol' - except the food menu! One dollar frozen yogurt, yis pls. I knew that my sister wouldn't let me touch the Hotdog, so I didn't bother asking ***too many carbs**

Toronto, Toronto, Toronto.  I can think of so many things wrong with you. I get so damn frustrated when I walk through the CBD. Look at all these unnecessary billboard advertisements. 
 Why you gotta make everything so damn big (Look, there's Popeyes^!!!! My Tumblr dreams have come true.)

Canadians love the outdoors. It's really weird. I tried it once. Never again. The grass felt moist from raining the night before, and it was the most boring two hours (it was actually 45 mins lol) of my life. 
 I would never want to walk my dog out. I wouldn't want these random as strangers touching my pup.
Defcon, lol. Canada doin' it wrong.
Baby mozzies like to chill on my fly screen during the cold seasons.
Fashionistas up in hur'

One of the plus sides to heading to Canada was meant to be cheaper transport fares.
 I was wrong. $3 for this one-way token. Tokens are used to hop on any streetcar (tram), bus or subway (underground train lol) in the Toronto area. We grab transfers if we want to hop off and take a bus/street car/subway in another direction - but we can't go backwards. 

 Tiny $10 Sticky Notes at the Distillery - leechers at Kensington Market - Q-tips and a lil cutie

Balcony view - Father's Day for my Grandpapi at my aunt's place - My uncle's tasty ribs - and damn, look at how high this condo (a fancy hotel-like apartment) goes, 33 levels!

Stopping by at No Frills
 Apple juice in a can - This Kraft dressing is a gold mine and, of course Maple Syrup would be cheap here lol

Cutesy shop - forgot it's name - on Queen Street
 Animal mugs with matching stirrers - Cute as seats - Rings I've seen on eBay for $1 ($30 here) - Genius salt & pepper shakers!

Remember what I said about Canadians loving their outdoors...
 This is outside my flat, there is always at least one person laying on the grass at any few hours during the arvo, I think it's plain weird! - Ganga Barbie dolls at a shop's display - and Canadians enjoying a movie at the park... Oh boy did I smell a lot of ganja passing by this place

At one of Royal Ontario Museum's (ROM) Friday Night Live - enjoying drinks with the dinosaurs - and my favourite finds throughout the whole museum - these 'ugly' statures hehehehe

My uni (and I think it's familiar to a lot of unis around here...) has a used book shop! Which is great. Previous students trading in their older textbooks, but with the bookshop taking 25% of the sale.
 Great choice Arsy (thx) - My sister also gave me new pens! New pens means fun for studying

And what has Milz been up to lately -
 Getting his hand stuck in my laptop - Choosing his favourite colour out of my new pens

Canada is relatively the same price in a majority of things compared to Australia, except for a very few
 Tim Hortons is not a Starbucks at all - just super cheap, and powder everything. 
And if I'm lucky, I can catch some eye candy at my local Shoppers (Priceline equivalent) but it will be purely eye candy, and leaving with a hand full of swatches - I am cutting down my spending pretty well. Me coming home to ponder whether I should buy any of them...

 There are so many car brands that I've never seen/heard of around here - 'Orangina' Fizzy orange juice... with pulp - Vietnamese restaurants here, writing down you order on given sheets - Poached eggs benedict @ Swan Restaurant

 All you can eat sushi for Ma's Day @ Spring Sushi - Twenty minute line for my usual Cha Time (ugh) - Hot dog, hot dog! From one of the many vendors on Queen Street, $3 - Papaya, I haven't had this in 10 years, legit kittens

 Mi Goreng feels like it's in a 25% larger portion here, served with assorted fish balls and sriracha, delish!
Takeaway sushi from Sushi on Bloor
Thursday arvos, passing by Dundas Square means free foooood!
Friday mornings volunteering, having a Timbits from Tim Hortons (one of the best things you could possibly pop in your mouth)

 My new favourite ever, a Grilled Pork roll from Banh Mi Boys
My mumma's delish Chicken Salad and Congee
Having a Starbucks like a Canadian - some lemonade raspberry concontion
A delightful dinner of pear, walnuts, honey n' prosciutto pizza and paella pasta @ Terroni

 At my uncle's for Mother's Day - Having the most non-meaty goi cuon I'ver ever tasted... - My cutie Grandmama - My Grandpapi's craftsmanship from a Ferrero Rocher wrapper

Toronto's Chinatown
 Look at the immmmmmmmense range of takeaway boxes and nem nuongs mmmm!
And that whole row there, yep, that's all soya bean milk. 

At my aunt's for dindins, having the greatest combination of goi cuon one could have! prawns, pork, gorgeous cuts of beef, mushrooms and nem nuong!
My cutie aunty made a bracelet for me for my studies, and enjoying sorbet in fruits!

 Takeaway Thai, Oodles of Noodles from Thai Express, this was the best!
Having my first ever Mickey Deez in a while (same price here, came up to 16~)
Having another godly goi cuon meal - Nem nuong, beef, alfafa sprouts and shrimp!
Roasted Pork on rice for $4.50 say whhhat - and congee ☺ @ House of Gourmet

 Three combinations of che picked up from Chinatown ($5 for 3 boxes)
Yummy Sausage n' Egg Flatbread Panini from Tim Hortons
Taco, taco, taco flavoured keeeses! With crumbed fish, sour cream, chicken and olives! In love.
10PM badass fried onion rings from 24 hour diner, Frans

Celebratory marketing mark - Ebi Prawn Mayo and Negitori @ Hapa Izakaya
Bibimbap at home ☺
The Paper Place, my new faves!

Phew, that was a lot. Still trying to find Toronto's golden spots.